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For who?

Taijiquan and Qi Gong can be practiced by almost everyone since the activity and the intensity can be individually adapted and changed

Overall there are plenty of reasons to learn Taijiquan and Qi Gong, such as:

  • an interest in the Asian movement arts (this includes Qi Gong, meditation, …)
  • an interest in physical activity and general relaxation without technical aids
  • an interest in the Chinese martial arts; for example Taijiquan, Tai Chi forms with sword, saber, Stock and halberd, hand forms, Tui Shou (partner exercises)
  • the wish to release temporary physical or emotional stress and discomfort trough Taijiquan

Elderly people can increase both their agility and their range of movements in a gentle way through Qi Gong. And this even if they are no longer very mobile.

Children and young people can be playfully motivated by Taijiquan to maintain or restore their flexibility and the natural movement of their bodies. Postural problems and troubles relating to distorted body images could thus also be specifically targeted.

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